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You're More Likely To Die Early If You Have Any Of These Habits
Sitting All Day
Research published in the BMJ open showed that "cutting daily sitting time to under 3 hours might extend life by 2 years while "watching TV for less than 2 hours a day might add [an] extra 1.4 years." This dangerous sitting time includes sitting at the desk for eight hours or more, time spent at a coffee shop, or reading the morning news.
Sleeping Less Or More
People who don't get five hours of sleep will die sooner than the people who make sure to get the recommended amount of sleep each night. At the same time, sleeping more than nine hours is not healthy, as it may also increase the risk of developing coronary heart disease.
Red And Processed Meat
Adding a serving of red meat daily increases the risk of death by about 13 percent, and eating processed meat is also harmful. Substituting processed or unprocessed red meat with other forms of protein can cut the chance of death by varying amounts.
Staying Indoors
Spending a lot of time indoors is unhealthy as indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, and you are more likely to catch a virus indoors. Lack of exposure to sunlight can also throw off the sleep cycle, increasing the risk for premature death.
Financial Stress
Being careless with money can damage cardiovascular health, especially for older people. A 2014 study found that older people who live paycheck to paycheck without a "cash margin" for emergencies have a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease.