Woman washing her face
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You Should Never Wash Your Face In The Shower. Here's Why
By Phoebe Mcrae
It seems only natural to wash your face while you're in the shower. However, according to many dermatologists, that’s one thing you need to stop doing in order to protect your skin.
Facial skin — like all skin — contains various oils, ceramides and fatty acids that help keep it moist. As dermatologists Dr. Justine Hextall and Dr. Joshua Zeichner point out, long showers with hot water can rinse these protective substances away, leaving our skin more prone to dryness, irritation and inflammation.
That is why it is generally a better choice to wash your face in the sink, where you can have more control over your skin’s water exposure. If you have a delicate face, you can opt for lukewarm water instead of a cold splash.