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Women's Health Expert Shares Top Vaginal Hygiene Tips For Summer
Summertime is tons of fun for many people, but for some women, outside temperatures and humidity can lead to discomfort down below. When the weather is warmer and more humid, it creates the perfect environment for yeast to grow, leading to infections, vaginal pain, itchiness, and disruption to summer fun.
Dr. Maria Sophocles, a gynecologist and women's health expert, tells Health Map that using odor-eliminating vaginal gel is one way to deal with yeast infections, especially if you enjoy swimming. “I also suggest keeping extra underwear in hand so you can change to fresh dry underwear anytime you need to," Dr. Sophocles says.
The best way to mitigate yeast infections is to avoid getting one, and many factors can influence this. "If you get yeast infections recurrently in the summer, you need to get out of wet clothing, no underwear at night, [and] get checked for diabetes," says Dr. Sophocles, as frequent yeast infections can be an early warning sign of diabetes.
Hormonal imbalances may also cause recurring yeast infections, and it’s best to talk with a doctor about your concerns. In regards to your diet, limiting sugar (which can cause yeast to overgrow) and eating yogurt with plenty of probiotics can help reduce your risk of yeast infections, during the summertime and year-round.