Stye. Representation Of A Stye, Inflammation At The Level Of The Eyelashes Of Infectious Origin Microbes At The Level Of The Ciliary Bulb. (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Popping A Stye
A stye is a swollen bump that can form on either the inside or outside of the eyelid, near the eyelashes, often caused by the result of a bacterial infection or the blockage of an oil gland. While a stye may take on the look of a pimple, attempting to pop a stye can worsen the condition.
Popping a stye can lead to severe infection, and can expose other areas of the eye to the infection, causing it to spread. You may also increase your risk of scarring, which can take the form of bumps, discoloration, and small holes in the eyelid.
Most styes improve within two to five days with prescribed antibiotics and at-home treatments, but severe cases may need steroid injections or surgery. Individuals with stye should avoid touching their eyes, consistently wash their hands, and avoid sharing makeup with others.