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Why Wearing A Mask Can Increase Your Risk Of Getting A Headache
The first reason you may get headaches from wearing masks is that the loops securing the mask behind the ears can press on nerves, leading to an achy sensation over time. The mask itself may also fit tightly around the nose, pushing against sensitive nerves and blood vessels that extend around the head, causing inflammation.
Integrative pain management specialist Lillie Rosenthal says that mask wearers need to stay hydrated, as dehydration can contribute to headaches. A mask can serve as a barrier that leads people to subconsciously drink less over the course of the day, and it can also lead you to sweat more and overheat.
Rosenthal also points out that the physical positioning of our head, neck, and upper body can lead to headaches by increasing mechanical burden, creating neck strain. It's important to avoid putting stress on the cervical spine by not leaning the head and neck forward for extended periods of time.