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Why Do You
Go To The Bathroom More On Your Period?
Discomfort usually comes to mind when it comes to periods, not to mention having to experience annoying symptoms like cramps, mood swings, and bloating. For some women, the onset of their periods means increased bathroom trips to do number two, and this is due to two hormones in the body.
According to Healthline, prostaglandins stimulate the smooth muscles of the uterus, allowing it to contract and get rid of the uterine lining during a period. When excess prostaglandins are released, they enter the bloodstream and impact the smooth muscles of the intestines, causing the body to release more stool and sometimes diarrhea.
Progesterone may also play a role in period poop. Dr. Lucky Sekhon, a board-certified ob-gyn, explains that progesterone could cause constipation, but levels drop at the start of a period. Sekhon says, "This decrease in progesterone removes this source of constipation, which also compounds the effect of your period on increased bowel activity."
Dr. Donald Ford, family medicine physician and Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, says eating healthy food, getting plenty of natural fiber, and staying hydrated can decrease period poop. Taking ibuprofen is also helpful, and for severe cases, Dr. Ford recommends considering oral contraceptives to reduce the frequency of periods and period poop.