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Stop Wearing Underwear, Your Body Won't Be The Same
Goodbye Nerve Pain
Tight waistbands and thick elastics that dig into your skin are capable of damaging the nerves underneath — and this damage can run deep. While your undergarment may not seem like it's tight enough to cut off circulation to your spine, it compresses the surrounding muscles, which then put pressure on your sciatic nerve.
Skin Irritation
If you're allergic to any type of laundry detergent or forget to wash a new garment before wearing it, it could lead to dermatitis, and even static cling can cause skin issues. If you find this to be a regular problem, you may just want to go without any undergarments at all.
Faster Sleep
According to Healthline, the ideal temperature for sleeping is a solid 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but you still may feel like your layers are too warm. Medical News Today explains that sleeping naked will “help the skin cool off faster,” which will “allow a person to get to sleep sooner.”
Fewer UTIs
A urinary tract infection — that which causes a painful burning feeling whenever you use the bathroom — affects about 60 percent of women and 12 percent of men. Silk and nylon undergarments are the worst for this, as they keep moisture close to your body, so you’re best to stick with cotton underwear — or simply go commando.
No More Heartburn
Acid reflux disease is fairly common, and even if you’ve never dealt with it, wearing tight undergarments over the course of just two weeks can cause you to develop it. High-rise underwear is the worst for it, as the band will squeeze your stomach, but your best bet may just be ditching underwear altogether.