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What You Need To Know If You Have High-Functioning Anxiety
By Ruth Clark
We often associate anxiety with panic attacks and crushing worry, but sometimes, it's not so obvious. If you feel anxious but are still able to carry out your daily tasks (such as taking care of your home and family, working your job and socializing), you may have high-functioning anxiety.
While it may seem easier to manage than more severe forms of anxiety, high-functioning anxiety can still be a serious problem. Underneath the surface, you may still be terrified of making mistakes, disappointing your friends, or saying no, and it can eventually lead to a breaking point.
To treat this anxiety, clinical psychologist Dr. Perpetua Neo suggests first asking yourself why you are feeling certain ways before identifying and separating the things you can and cannot control. Talk and cognitive therapy can also help, as can medication — figuring out the best treatment for yourself will involve trial and error.