Man getting hair bleached.
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What To Do If Your Scalp Burns After Bleaching Your Hair
Hair bleaching products include harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, which can lead to your hair becoming brittle, plus skin irritation or even chemical burns on the scalp if the product is not applied carefully. Mild scalp burns can be treated at home, but medical care may be necessary if the burn is severe.
If you're bleaching your hair and your scalp starts to burn, wash the product out as quickly as possible while wearing gloves, so the chemicals don't get onto other parts of your body. Flush your scalp for at least 10 minutes with cool water, and be careful not to rub, scratch, wipe, or otherwise press the chemicals further into your skin.
After the scalp and hair are thoroughly cleansed of the bleach solution, apply a cool compress to the area to reduce swelling and inflammation. Another way to soothe your scalp is to combine ice and milk in a bowl, then apply it to the scalp; let the mixture sit for three minutes, and repeat this process up to three times.
To prevent scalp burns, always follow the directions for product application, be mindful not to leave the solution on hair longer than advised, and thoroughly rinse hair after application. Wear gloves, also, and as FDA-suggested, perform a patch test on your skin first, to be aware of how the product may affect your scalp.