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What It Really Means When Your Ears Itch
A common reason why we feel the urge to scratch our inner ears is earwax buildup, according to WebMD. The ear canal produces wax to collect dead skin cells and other debris that make their way into our inner ear and then expels the wax naturally.
If it’s not ear wax buildup, it could be allergic reactions causing itchy ears, or — if you enjoy swimming — it could be swimmer’s ear. Other causes include skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, food allergies, and ear infections caused by viruses or bacteria.
Regardless of the reason behind your itchy ears, you should never Q-tips, toothpicks, pens, or anything else of this nature to relieve the itch. If the reason for your itchiness is an ear infection, you will need a prescription for a specific ear drop with antibiotic properties.