Mature female doctor in white coat examining the little boy with stethoscope while he sitting in bed at hospital ward, she listening to his breathing
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What Are The Common Signs Of Hepatitis
In Kids?
Since the World Health Organization (WHO) first reported on the widespread outbreak of acute hepatitis in children back in April 2022, cases have continued to rise across the globe. Caregivers will want to be on the lookout for hepatitis-related symptoms in children.
Hepatitis symptoms can first resemble those of more common illnesses, including fever, loss of
appetite, nausea, or vomiting, but symptoms can worsen over time. In more moderate cases, parents may observe urine that has become dark in color or bowel movements that are light in color.
In the event that the adenovirus is discovered as the cause of the outbreak, experts stress that preventative measures, such as frequent hand washing and avoiding those who may be sick, are among the best ways to protect oneself from infection. In addition, parents will want to remain vigilant for the presence of even minor symptoms in children.