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Ways To Make Your Morning Coffee Healthier
We all know that drinking too much coffee can lead to dehydration and problems sleeping, but coffee is also good for us, as the beans are loaded with micronutrients including antioxidants, B vitamins, potassium, and riboflavin. Obviously, black coffee is best, but if you’re not a fan, try natural sweeteners and either whole milk or plant-based milk in order to avoid highly processed ingredients.
"Opting for low-calorie natural sweeteners, like stevia (available at most coffee shops now) or monk fruit, is a great way to sweeten up your coffee without adding excess sugar and calories," says registered dietician Maryann Walsh. Another nutritionist-approved coffee hack is adding cinnamon, as not only is it a flavor booster, but it also might be able to stabilize blood sugar and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Coffee has micronutrients on its own, but a helpful supplement is collagen powder. Taken in moderation, the easily dissolvable protein may support joint and bone health, as well as healthy hair, skin, and nails.