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This One Exercise Can Seriously Help Your Anxiety
It's not just the rush of feel-good neurotransmitters that makes running the perfect exercise for someone who's anxious — it's also the chance to clear your head. You can think through what's been bothering you, and maybe by the time you're rounding the corner, you’ll have put your concern into proper perspective.
Sometimes, having a goal helps. Laura Fredendall, Psy.D, told Runner’s World, “When we're overwhelmed with anxiety and depression, shifting from the big picture [...] to the small, in-the-moment task of doing something that approaches a goal, like running a four-mile loop with two hills, will kick off a positive feedback loop.”
Even if you don't have a full-blown anxiety disorder, running will still help you work through any worry you’re struggling with. "Exercise is one of those things that is a guaranteed win for anyone who wants to feel better emotionally," says Karen Cassiday, Ph.D.