Mature Man At Home Suffering From Muscle Pain Or Ache In Neck
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The Worst Sleeping Position For Your Neck And Shoulders
In the US, there's an alarmingly high prevalence of neck and shoulder pain issues. 30% of American adults experience neck pain, and experts fear that the number may soon reach 50%.
Sleeping on your arm can be a terrible position for your neck and shoulders. Sleep medicine expert Dr. Nishi Bhopal says, "Sleeping on your arm can cause shoulder and neck pain by compressing the nerves in the shoulders and misalignment of the head and the spine."
As a result, you might feel numbness in your arms in the morning. If this position continues, you might even develop a condition called tendonitis, which can make your tendons swollen and lead to joint stiffness in the upper limbs.
You might also want to be mindful of sleeping on your stomach and moving your head to one side, as it puts pressure on the neck, which leads to misalignment of the spine. Instead, Cleveland Clinic recommends snoozing on your back or alternating sides, as they prevent putting pressure solely on shoulders, neck, or arms.