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The Unexpected Place You Can Get A Yeast Infection
There's one spot on the body where yeast can hide that you may never have thought twice about. Home to more than just the occasional piece of lint, this body part also houses over 60 different types of bacteria.
The part of the body in question is the belly button, with yeast being able to grow between our skin folds and overpopulate in our belly button if we don't practice proper hygiene. Itching, redness, and white discharge can accompany a yeast infection of the belly button.
A doctor may prescribe medication, but otherwise, antifungal powders and creams can be purchased over-the-counter to treat the infection. In addition, experts suggest avoiding sugar while treating the infection, as sugar acts as a food source for yeast.
To help protect against the development of a yeast infection, Healthline stresses the importance of keeping our belly buttons washed and dry. Using a washcloth, clean the inside of your belly button daily with either a saltwater solution or antibacterial soap and water, and be sure to thoroughly dry the area after bathing.