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The Type Of Coffee That Will Help You Live Longer
From Okinawa to Loma Linda, several cities in the world are notable due to the high life expectancy of their residents. 1% of the inhabitants of Ikaria, Greece, live beyond 90 years of age, and because coffee drinking is a regular part of daily life in Ikaria, experts have studied how coffee from the region may offer benefits for longevity.
Author and longevity expert Dan Buettner explains that "Ikarian coffee, or Greek coffee, is lightly roasted and finely ground, and the fine grind delivers more concentrated antioxidants.” Buettner added that Ikarian coffee is boiled, not brewed and filtered, and this type of preparation “extracts more of the healthy compounds in the coffee."
To make Ikarian coffee at home, combine water and Ikaria coffee grounds in a saucepan, stir until the grounds have thoroughly dissolved, and bring it to a slow boil until foam forms on the coffee's surface. Once the foam is present, empty the foam first into a mug, then pour in the coffee second; it will be ready once the grounds have settled.