SANTA FE, NM - MAY 22, 2018:  Raindrops cover the window of a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)
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The Real Reason Rain Can Make Your Body Ache
Rain can cause joint or muscle aches in some people, so it's not uncommon to cringe when rain shows up in the forecast. The reason for these aches and pains is that atmospheric pressure, also known as barometric pressure, tends to decrease right before it rains, which can result in the body’s soft tissue swelling and the fluid in the joints expanding.
Aside from the atmospheric pressure messing with your joints and tissue, changes in precipitation, temperature, and humidity can also cause achy joints. Hackensack Meridian Health reports that those who suffer from chronic pain or arthritis may be more susceptible to the uncomfortable feeling.
According to Penn Medicine, physical activity such as yoga, walking, or any other activity that gets the body moving can help ease joint pain. Over-the-counter pain medication also helps with pain, but your best bet is to keep stretching and moving, especially since the joint pain one experiences in the rain can still happen in any climate.