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Sleeping With A Fan On Might Be Bad For You.
Here's Why.
Hot summer nights often call for turning the fan on to get the perfect cool temperature for sleeping. However, Dr. Seema Sarin M.D., director of lifestyle medicine at EHE Health, has some bad news about sleeping with a fan on in the bedroom.
Dr. Sarin says that your fan "blows around dust particles that can exacerbate symptoms of dust mite allergies with increased exposure." She also adds that fans can circulate pollen in the air, so they’re bad for those with pollen allergies and hay fever, and even if you don’t have allergies, they "can lead to drying out of mucous membranes and sinus irritation."
To get a good night’s sleep without turning the fan on, you can take a warm bath before bed, invest in cooling pillows or a cooling mattress, or even pop the bed linen in the freezer for a few hours. If a fan is needed for sleeping at night, Dr. Sarin advises making the room practically dust-free and surgically sterile.