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Signs You're Going Through Caffeine Withdrawal
If you're someone who has grown addicted to caffeine and has tried to either quit or reduce your consumption, you may have experienced some form of withdrawal. According to Healthline, a number of possible withdrawal symptoms can surface within 12 to 24 hours of removing caffeine from your diet.
The most common symptom is a headache as a result of a sudden increase in blood flow to the brain, and these can range in length and severity, depending on the person. You may also feel drowsy when you experience caffeine withdrawal, especially if you are accustomed to drinking multiple cups of coffee a day to stay alert.
While it may seem counterintuitive, removing caffeine or reducing your intake may increase anxiety and general crankiness, and it may even cause depression for some. If you wish to reduce or eliminate caffeine without the pain of withdrawal, some tips from Healthline include removing caffeine slowly, staying well-hydrated, and getting good quality sleep to help you make it through a bit more smoothly.