Carbonated water and ice in a thin cup
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Seltzers Could Be Worse For Your Bladder Than You Think
While seltzer might be a nice change from regular water, the fizziness can exacerbate preexisting urinary issues. Urologist Dr. Austin DeRosa explains, "The carbon dioxide in sparkling water tends to irritate the lining of the bladder," and if it’s a hard seltzer, the alcohol can bother it as well.
Additionally, drinking seltzer at the expense of regular water can pose other potential problems. While seltzer certainly may quench our thirst in the moment, it is important to supplement it with adequate amounts of regular water.
Urologist Dr. Meredith Jankowski says, "My real concern is when people think they have made the healthy choice by eliminating soda and use the seltzer in place of water. Seltzer is not water. What the body needs to be properly hydrated is water." Urologists advise that seltzers — and any beverages besides regular water — should only occupy up to 25% of your daily fluid intake.