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Mixing This With Your Water Can Make It 10x More Hydrating
Fruit-infused water is all the hype nowadays, and with an abundance of flavored water recipes, it may be a tad overwhelming to know which flavor profile is the most hydrating. While fruits and vegetables — such as lemon, cucumbers, apples, and watermelon — give the most hydration, there are non-fruity ways to make water more hydrating.
Sprinkle some sea salt into lemon-infused water for a tasty concoction, or skip the lemon and go straight for the sea salt, as certified sports nutritionist Jaclyn Sklaver tells MindBodyGreen that this key ingredient can help cells pull in water. Another ingredient is chia seeds, which are packed with micronutrients, reduce inflammation, help regulate blood pressure, and support heart and bone health.
Drinking aloe vera juice or water is another option for increasing hydration and vitamin C intake, while another hydrator is coconut water, which is especially hydrating after exercise, because it contains magnesium and potassium, which are electrolytes. Regardless, it is best to be mindful of which brands to buy for both drinks, as sometimes flavoring agents or sugars are added into these infused waters.