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Is Skim Milk Actually Good For You?
Whether you drink a glass of whole milk or a glass of skim milk, you will be getting a good amount of calcium. Skim milk is actually a bit higher in calcium than whole milk — as well as in protein and potassium — but whole milk may turn out to be better for you in the long run.
Sure, whole milk has a higher fat content than skim milk, but your body does need some fat to curb cravings, and a serving of whole milk is only about 3% fat. Additionally, skim milk is not good to use in cooking or baking, because it’s missing the fat that adds richness and moisture.
Studies have shown that high-fat dairy products like whole milk may even contribute to lowering body weight. If you've been forcing yourself to drink skim milk in lieu of whole milk, you can feel good about making the switch to whole milk as part of a well-balanced, nutrition-focused diet.