Woman with fresh orange juice. Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam. (Photo by: Pascal Deloche/Godong/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Is Orange Juice Actually Good For You?
Orange juice is one of the most popular breakfast beverages, offering a hefty dose of vitamins and antioxidants, and drinking it can even lower the risk of kidney stones. Packaged juices may contain added sugar, while freshly-squeezed orange juice has only 112 calories and 26 grams of carbs per cup — but that doesn't mean you should go wild.
Despite orange juice's potential benefits, you'll be better off eating an actual orange, as the whole fruit contains more fiber and less sugar than the juice. One orange is usually less than 70 calories, and can provide around 18 grams of carbs, 12 grams of sugars, and 3 grams of fiber, while a cup of juice provides about 21 grams of sugars.
Commercial fruit juices, in particular, are high in sugar and low in fiber, and can possibly increase the risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and liver disease. For this reason, experts advise drinking no more than one glass of 100% orange juice daily, and if you can, try to aim for freshly-squeezed juice, not a jug from the supermarket.