A stack of chicken sandwiches piled on top of each other to create a bigger sandwich with different kinds of bread, February 2002. (Photo by Tom Kelley/Getty Images)
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Is 'Keto' Bread Actually Keto-Friendly?
Ketogenic, or keto, is a high-fat, low-carb diet that replaces carbs with protein and fat. While it doesn't eliminate carbs from a daily diet, it significantly reduces the number of carbs consumed each day.
While regular bread typically contains too many net carbs per slice to be included in the keto diet, keto-friendly bread is low in carbs and high in fiber and protein. However, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's healthy, as it needs to be more than just low-carb to be considered healthy.
The best way to know if keto-friendly bread is healthy is to look at the ingredients list, and if it includes chemicals and additives, it is not healthy. Eating highly processed foods with artificial sweeteners can lead to many ailments the keto diet aims to alleviate, such as poor digestion, depression, anxiety, chronic inflammation, asthma, and allergies.