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Is It Possible To Control What You Dream?
Lucid dreaming is a state in which we are actively aware that we're in the midst of a dream, and for some, this awareness evolves into an ability to control the content of their dreams. By implementing certain techniques, we may be able to cultivate the skill of directing our dreams.
One simple thing that may help us control our dreams is looking at a visual prompt before bedtime, such as a picture of someone we want to dream about. However, there are two ways to impact lucid dreaming in the middle of the night, and both involve waking yourself up five hours after heading to bed.
The first is a mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD), which involves making a verbal declaration before going back to sleep, such as, "Next time I'm dreaming, I will remember I'm dreaming." The other method, known as senses initiated lucid dream (SSILD), uses grounding techniques. For a period of 20 seconds, the individual concentrates on their senses — what they see, hear, and feel — before returning to bed.
For those who aren't fans of midnight wake-up calls, a morning practice may be more to your liking. Journaling your dreams first thing in the morning and continuing to revisit your entries regularly can help exercise your dream awareness muscle and boost your chances of lucid dreaming.