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How To Work From Home If You Have ADHD
Working from home with ADHD might feel overwhelming sometimes, but there are some steps you can take to help support your productivity and ease your overall experience. You should plan your day the evening before, making a list of what you have to get done and when, and making note of what takes priority.
It’s important to make your work-from-home environment mirror your usual work environment by ensuring you have everything you need to be productive, and avoiding setting up in places that might be too comfortable or distracting. Resume Supply also suggests starting your day the same way you would if you were heading out of the house for work.
They also stress the importance of combating "time blindness" — a symptom of ADHD that makes it difficult to accurately keep track of time — by scheduling breaks into your day. Clinical psychologist Lauren Powell recommends using timers to set up intervals of time dedicated to work and rest so you don't get stuck in a position where you lose track of time.