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How To Wake Up With Hydrated Skin Everyday
If you're someone who already applies moisturizer at bedtime, but you aren't seeing the kind of results you expected, it could be because your bedroom is overly dry, causing the moisturizer to dry out overnight. If this sounds like your situation, dermatologists suggest you try using a humidifier.
A humidifier can help to raise the humidity in the air of your room, which will improve the way your skin reacts to the atmosphere of the space, according to dermatologist Shereene Idriss. Humidifiers are useful in the winter, as well as in the summer if you use an air conditioner, since air conditioners can dehumidify the air.
Other ways you can keep your skin hydrated overnight include applying face oil or an overnight hydrating mask. For hydrated hands, moisturize with Vaseline and put on cotton gloves to avoid a mess while you sleep, and for the feet, apply thick moisturizer and then cover them with soft moisture socks.