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How To Reduce Your Risk Of Toxic Shock Syndrome
Anyone who has had toxic shock syndrome (TSS) in the past is at a higher risk of developing it again, which is why it's critical to do whatever possible to prevent it in the first place. When it comes to open surgical wounds, you'll always want to keep the area dry and protected with a clean bandage, replacing it with a new one regularly.
Since TSS is commonly associated with tampon use, the first step that menstruating women can take to prevent infection is using the right tampons and adhering to proper tampon-use guidelines. It is important to make sure the absorbency of the tampons you use is appropriate for your flow rate at any given point during menstruation.
As TSS can be caused by using the same tampon for extended periods of time — giving the bacteria more time to multiply and release toxins — it is crucial that you switch out your tampon regularly. Tampons should never be worn for longer than eight consecutive hours.