Test For Diabetes, Illustration of testing for diabetes with a glucose monitor. Diabetes can lead to an overactive bladder. (Photo by: BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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How To Quickly Lower Your Blood Sugar
The medical condition known as hyperglycemia occurs when the body has amounts of blood sugar and too little insulin, a problem common for those with diabetes; early symptoms of hyperglycemia may include increased thirst and unusual tiredness. In some cases, high blood sugar may be treated with at-home remedies.
According to Healthline, there are two quick ways to reduce blood sugar: taking insulin as prescribed and exercising more frequently. They also recommend choosing foods with a lower glycemic index, such as lentils or unsweetened Greek yogurt, and eating more fiber to slow down the digestion of carbs and sugar.
The National Health Service also suggests avoiding sugary food and drinks to prevent blood sugar spikes, while Wexner Medical advises increasing water intake every several hours. Untreated high blood sugar levels can cause long-term complications, including nerve damage; if you have hyperglycemia, consult your doctor for guidance.