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How To Find Healthcare Providers Who Are Trans-Friendly
Finding a medical provider can be difficult for transgender people, who are often met with discrimination and a lack of understanding; according to a 2015 survey, 33% of trans respondents have had a negative experience with a provider, and 23% said that they avoided going to the doctor out of fear of being mistreated.
There are still measures you can take to find a provider that will treat you or a loved one correctly. Trans-specific support groups, trusted sources like the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, and/or someone you know has experience with trans-friendly healthcare are all great sources to consult.
Once you do decide to visit a provider, pay attention to how welcoming the personnel are, and see if they respect your name and pronouns. Make sure to speak up and ask questions, study how the provider responds, and if they seem open-minded and have a nondiscrimination statement or LGBTQ+ brochures on display, they might be a good fit.