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How Stress Can Affect Your Bladder
Stress is more than just a feeling of being overwhelmed or anxious; it can become an actual health condition that causes detrimental physical and mental symptoms. Stress can increase the risk of developing many other conditions, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, and can also affect the bladder.
Stress produces the hormone cortisol in the body, which increases urine production and can lead to urinary incontinence. Stress also weakens the immune system, which can also increase the risk of developing a urinary tract infection and interstitial cystitis, which is a condition that causes very serious bladder pain.
Stress can result from many factors in life, and effective ways to reduce stress are different for everyone. It's essential to find ways to manage stress levels by exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, doing yoga or meditation, or visiting a doctor when experiencing stress levels that are too high to control yourself.