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How Much Sugar Is In A Can Of Pepsi?
Whether you've only tried Pepsi once or you're a regular Pepsi drinker, it should come as no surprise that just one can of Pepsi contains a high quantity of sugar. According to The Daily Meal, one 12-ounce can of Pepsi contains 41 grams of sugar.
About 41 grams of sugar in one can is a lot when you consider that adult men and women should consume a maximum of 50 grams of added sugar per day. Meanwhile, Orange Fanta contains 44 grams of sugar per can, Mountain Dew comes in second at 46 grams, and Mello Yello gets the not-so-sweet honor of taking The Daily Meal's top spot at a whopping 47 grams.
If you drink Pepsi regularly, the sugar can put you at greater risk of obesity, heart disease, certain kinds of cancers, and other health problems. As an alternative, try adding your favorite juice or lemon and lime with a dash of stevia-based sweetener to sparkling water or seltzer.