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Are Instant Noodles For Your Health?
Ramen is a flavorful Japanese noodle dish made with hand-pulled wheat noodles and meat-based broth, and this dish has skyrocketed in popularity in the West over the past few years. Going to a ramen restaurant can be quite costly for people on a budget, so many opt for the quick and inexpensive alternative of instant ramen.
While instant ramen may be more convenient, instant ramen noodles are deficient in many essential nutrients, since they are processed, pre-cooked, and do not contain meat or vegetables. The small packet of seasoning may be fortified with artificial nutrients, but it typically only helps with the flavor.
Another reason instant ramen is unhealthy is that instant ramen is loaded with sodium, and too much sodium increases heart disease and stroke risk. Although ramen noodles aren't necessarily bad for you, they should be consumed in moderation and partnered with a healthy and well-balanced diet.