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Here's Why You Might Have Cold Feet In
The Morning
In some cases, cold feet may be a symptom of a health condition known as Raynaud syndrome, in which the arteries in the fingers and toes constrict too quickly in response to cold, producing color changes in the skin such as white, red, or blue. In the absence of any underlying health conditions, Raynaud syndrome is not considered dangerous.
However, in the event of accompanying symptoms such as pain, fever, skin tightening, nail changes, or poorly healing sores or cracks, be sure to consult with your physician. To keep warm at night, we should be warming our feet up before bed.
To do so, experts suggest wearing a pair of wool socks to bed or layering several pairs of socks as needed, although you want to avoid anything too constricting, as they can hinder circulation. You also may want to steer clear of anything that radiates heat, such as a heating blanket or hot water bottle, as these can increase your risk for burns.