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Fact Or Fiction: Egg Yolks Are Bad For You
Many health-conscious people have avoided eating egg yolks for years and have stuck to only egg whites to make their breakfast meals. While you may believe egg yolks are bad for you due to their high cholesterol content, experts now say that eating eggs — including egg yolks — is good for the body.
According to Autumn Ehsaei, RDN, U.S. nutrition guidelines have changed their stance on dietary cholesterol, and she says that "eating cholesterol from healthy foods in appropriate amounts is not much of a health concern for most people." Anthony Komaroff, M.D., suggests eating eggs with whole-grain toast, salad, and vegetables.
"Eating an egg a day as a part of a healthy diet [...] is reasonable," Jo Ann Carson, professor of clinical nutrition at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, told the American Heart Association. Nutritionist Tamar Samuels agrees, saying, "Eating a whole egg gives us the biggest bang for our buck in both macro and micronutrients."