Peanut butter in a glass jar
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Eating Peanut Butter Is Dangerous If You Have This Medical Condition
Eating peanut butter can be dangerous for individuals suffering from dysphagia, a medical condition characterized by difficulty in swallowing.
The issue is more prevalent in older adults and can stem from various causes, such as nerve or muscle damage in the throat, esophageal blockages, spasms, inflammation, or scarring.
The condition can lead to symptoms like drooling, pain, regurgitation, gagging, acid reflux, weight loss, and in severe cases, may require emergency medical attention.
Researchers from a 2020 study published in BMC Geriatrics examined nine soft foods of varying textures, including peanut butter, for the effort required to swallow them.
Peanut butter ranked at the top for perceived stickiness and the most difficult for older adults to swallow due to increased muscle and tongue strain.
Experts advise against the consumption of nut butter, including peanut butter, for those with dysphagia to minimize the risk of potentially life-threatening choking incidents.