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Does Biotin Actually Help Your Hair Grow?
Whether you’re struggling with hair loss or just have thin strands, it's not uncommon to look for ways to help hair growth. Genetics is often the reason behind hair loss or hair that doesn't seem to grow, but vitamin deficiency can also play a role.
One of the essential vitamins for healthy hair is biotin, also known as vitamin B7, and not getting enough can lead to various health issues, including dry and brittle hair. However, biotin deficiencies are rare, and there is little evidence to suggest that biotin supplements do much for the hair of those without a deficiency.
Although biotin is generally safe, some potential side effects include experiencing breakouts caused by an imbalance of pantothenic acid in the body, skin rashes, and digestive issues like nausea, gas, and bloating. Supplements, including biotin, are not regulated by the FDA, so they should be consumed cautiously.