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Can Your Deodorant Actually Stop Working?
When body odor starts turning up, even though you're using deodorant, you may think that your body has built up a tolerance, so your product has stopped working. Experts explain that certain bodily changes are actually to blame for increased odor and sweat, leading us to believe that our deodorant is no longer functioning as it should be.
Deodorant covers the smell of body odor, while antiperspirant blocks sweat glands and prevents sweat from breaking through the skin barrier. Changes in how much we sweat or the amount of bacteria on our skin can overpower deodorant; your deodorant hasn't stopped working, per se, but it's stopped working for you, and it may be time to level up.
Hormonal fluctuations, increased stress levels, medications, and changes in the weather can make you sweat more than usual, so buy an antiperspirant deodorant. If you suspect the cause of the smell isn't sweat, it's likely bacteria, so use a deodorant with a stronger scent and an antibacterial soap or lotion, or exfoliate bacteria buildup with a mild scrub.