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Can You Naturally Get Rid Of A UTI?
According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms such as pain and burning when peeing; urine that is cloudy, smells odd, or colored red, pink, or brown; and/or a frequent urge to urinate may indicate a urinary tract infection (UTI). UTIs are most commonly and effectively treated with antibiotics, but some people prefer to treat them naturally — and it's not without risk.
Some patients opt out of antibiotics due to a belief that the UTI will clear up on its own, fears about bacterial resistance, or a lack of trust in doctors; studies have also found that 25% to 42% of UTIs can pass without the use of medication. However, relying on natural remedies can be risky for complicated and potentially life-threatening inflections.
Remedies that may prevent or treat mild UTIs include drinking plenty of water or unsweetened cranberry juice, wiping front to back when peeing, and taking supplements like vitamin C, D-mannose, bearberry leaf, cranberry extract, and garlic extract. However, if you have a condition that can combine badly with a UTI or your infection is severe overall, visit a doctor.