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Can You
Eat Too
Much Chicken?
It was estimated by the National Chicken Council that the average person will consume about 98 pounds of chicken in 2022. With such a high number, it's no wonder we're curious if you can eat too much chicken.
At the moment, there is no scientific evidence that chowing down regularly on chicken will have adverse effects on your overall health. However, counting chickens is an excellent idea, as Men's Health recommends eating no more than 450-550 grams of chicken daily, because your body can only balance so much protein.
To reap all the nutritional benefits of chicken, avoid open flames and instead cook your chicken using water-based methods such as steaming, pressure cooking, and microwaving. Another healthy option is to prepare sous vide chicken, which you can do by placing seasoned chicken in an air-tight, food grade pouch, and adding the pouch to boiling water to cook for about an hour.