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Are Electrolyte Drinks Actually Good For You?
Many athletes and gymgoers choose to use electrolyte sports drinks as they can offer the nutrients and other ingredients like protein and vitamins that support athletic performance. These drinks benefit their consumers as they are filled with the sodium, potassium, and fast-digesting carbs needed for training.
Drinking an electrolyte beverage during different moments of activity can yield different results: the drinks can boost energy before exercise, allow for more stamina during workouts, speed up recovery, and improve your hydration post-training. However, these drinks vary in quality and may not be truly needed.
These drinks are only necessary if the workout is vigorous and lasts 60 to 90 minutes or longer; otherwise, they could promote weight gain, cause damage due to their additives, or harm tooth enamel from high citric acid. Ochsner Health recommends choosing drinks like coconut water or pickle juice instead.