Functional neurological exploration unit. Epilepsy screening and follow-up consultation. (Photo by: BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Alaskan Bush People Star Billy Brown's Cause Of Death Explained
Billy Brown, the patriarch of Discovery Channel's “Alaskan Bush People,” died at 68 on February 7, 2021. His son, Bear, shared the news on his social media and mentioned that his dad died following a seizure.
There are several different types of seizures, but when someone has at least two seizures without an apparent cause, they often receive an epilepsy diagnosis, a disorder that affects the nervous system and results in abnormal brain activity. Other types include focal seizures, which start in one area of the brain, while generalized seizures affect all brain parts.
Symptoms can be as seemingly benign as temporary confusion, a staring spell, or uncontrollable jerking of extremities. People having a seizure can also lose awareness of their surroundings, pass out, or experience mental symptoms, such as anxiety, fear, or deja vu.
It is vital to see a doctor right away for those who experience seizures for the first time. For those with an epilepsy diagnosis, it's crucial to maintain regular medical checkup appointments and take medication as prescribed by the doctor.
Epileptic seizures can cause Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, also known as SUDEP, when someone with epilepsy unexpectedly dies and there are no other causes of death to be found. While experts don't know why this happens, it may be related to breathing difficulties after a seizure, and it's even conceivable that there are different causes for each person who dies this way.