Michelle Washmuth

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Regis University, University Of Central Florida
Kid-Friendly Cooking, Easy Recipes, Travel And Food
  • Michelle has a passion for cooking healthy Italian-inspired food and indulging her big sweet tooth.
  • She has covered everything from breaking Florida news to the latest in the hospitality/tourism market for the CBS affiliate website in Orlando, FL.
  • She enjoys trying out new kid-friendly restaurants and finding the best happy-hour deals.


Michelle has more than a decade of writing experience as a journalist, marketing strategist, and content writer. She has since traded in breaking news and higher education marketing to write about her passions - food and travel! Michelle's love for food began at home with her family, who always discuss what's for dinner at breakfast, and grew by watching food competition shows. She started in food writing by doing restaurant reviews for a small, local community publication out of college. When she's not working or exploring the outdoors, she's trying out exciting new healthy, and delicious recipes in the kitchen (while trying to get her toddler to eat some more vegetables!) Michelle also teaches online undergraduate communications courses.


Michelle has a Master's in Business Administration from Regis University, where she focused on Marketing. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Central Florida.
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