Kharissa Forte

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Kansas City Area
Institute For Integrative Nutrition, University Of Missouri
Health & Wellness, Self-care, Veganism
  • While earning her health coaching certification, Kharissa spent six months training under a local naturopath where she learned real-life application of herbs, essential oils, and other natural antidotes.
  • As a wife, mom of two athletes, and a vegan in Kansas City (i.e., the BBQ capital of the world), Kharissa has a knack for teaching people how to implement health and wellness practices that are best for their bio-individuality without sacrificing their relationships or social life.
  • By being a small business owner in addition to being a writer, Kharissa understands how important it is to make sure internal factors of well-being, such as mindfulness and emotional intelligence, are upheld and prioritized just as much as nutrition, exercise, and other physical aspects of health.


As far back as she can remember, Kharissa Forte has always had a love for writing and self-care. Her experience as a health writer dates back to 2009 when she wrote health articles for her university's newspaper. Since then, her work has been featured in Mantra Wellness Magazine and she also writes a self-care column for Startland News. In addition to writing, Kharissa is the co-founder of a health and wellness e-commerce brand called Grace & Grind. Several outlets including the Kansas City Business Journal and Startup Hustle Podcast have interviewed Kharissa to share her insight with their audience. Kharissa believes that true self-care isn't just something you do – it's part of who you are. Her mission is to empower people to make self-care a seamless, natural rhythm of their everyday lives sans any guilt, pressure, or resistance.


With formal training as both a journalist and health coach, Kharissa Forte's expertise enables her to write articles that are both credible and practical. In 2013, she earned a journalism and mass communications degree from the University of Missouri - Kansas City and went on to earn a health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2019.
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