Janelle Alberts

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Cleveland, OH
Iowa State University
Obscure Food History Facts, Politics Of Farm-to-Table, Top Chef Trivia
  • Janelle knew she had to ditch corporate PR for food writing after meeting legendary Wolfgang Puck at a media event.
  • Janelle's specialty of writing complicated topics into easy-to-read pieces got its start when she was told to draft a UPS mergers and acquisitions press kit with one mandate: not to rile Jimmy Hoffa's son, James, who was then running Teamster contract negotiations with UPS's small package division.
  • Her first book, Honest Answers, was endorsed by acclaimed theological scholar Scot McKnight, who praised its ability to go for candor and get to the heart of why parents are getting a side-eye from their kids that says, "Ah. My parents don't know this religion stuff either."


Janelle has worked as a professional writer for more than two decades. She started as a regional public relations supervisor with Microsoft and has since written freelance features that range from raising women's voices in religious institutions to interviewing retired NFL running back Edgerrin James. Janelle has been a regular contributor to Christianity Today's Gifted for Leadership, RELEVANT magazine, and joined Alb Media in 2022 to write pieces that elevate obscure food facts you've probably never heard, but wish you had. Knowing things like the five Scotch Whisky regions or the history of how truffles got their name gives one a richer perspective of the world and can also breathe life into even the most inane conversations.


Janelle has her bachelor's degree in Communication from Iowa State University.
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