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At Health Map, we believe that talking about health and wellness doesn't have to be intimidating. Since our founding in 2020, our mission has been to serve as the go-to destination for accessible health information, delivering news on the latest medical breakthroughs, exclusive advice from doctors, and other tips on the ways you and your family can enjoy happier, healthier lives. Our content currently reaches more than 2 million people every month, with that number continuing to grow each day.

So what makes us different from everyone else? It's our dedication to service content. We keep the focus on providing people with proven, expert-backed advice and tips to help them live healthier lives, whether it's detailing new ways to lower the risk of serious disease, explaining what happens to the body with certain chronic conditions, or offering tips for how to boost your physical fitness. We also regularly interview top experts in their respective fields like nutrition and medicine to deliver information our readers can truly trust.

As a member of the Alb Media group, we're committed to adhering to the strictest of editorial guidelines, with a core focus on using primary sources from peer-reviewed academic journals and research institutions.

Our team of writers includes physician assistants, nutrition experts, cookbook authors and nurse practitioners, who ensure all of our content is thoroughly fact-checked and medically accurate before publication.

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