Is Powerade Actually Good For You?

Powerade is a popular sports drink that is advertised as a way to rehydrate after a workout. Although it's often associated with health, Powerade isn't something you want to drink every day. According to Healthline, this drink is packed with sugar. A 20-ounce bottle of Powerade contains 34 grams of sugar, which is close to the American Heart Association's recommended daily limit of added sugar for men (36 grams) and women (25 grams). Powerade is also high in sodium, containing about 10% of your recommended daily intake.

But does that mean Powerade is bad for you? Not necessarily. While too much sugar can lead to weight gain and other health problems, the body does need some sugar to function properly. And when you're exercising, your body can use that sugar to fuel your muscles. Sodium is an essential part of a healthy diet and can help you power through workouts and avoid muscle cramps (via Men's Journal). When consumed occasionally, Powerade is fine to drink after a long workout. However, be sure to watch your sugar and sodium intake for the rest of the day.

Sports drink alternatives

Although it's fine to enjoy drinks like Powerade in moderation, you should seek out additional ways to rehydrate after a workout as well. That's because these drinks are high in sugar and calories, which can actually hinder your fitness goals when consumed in excess. Water is the best choice for hydration, but if you're looking for something with a little more flavor, try adding some fresh fruit or herbs to your water bottle. Or, go for seltzer water with a splash of juice. Coconut water is also a great option as it's naturally hydrating and full of electrolytes (via Insider).

Orange juice and chocolate milk are two other alternatives to try. Orange juice contains vitamins and minerals that can help replenish your body post-workout, while chocolate milk has protein and carbs to help with muscle recovery. Just be sure to choose brands that are low in sugar. By consuming all foods and drinks in moderation, you can stay healthy and hydrated after working out.