What You Don't Want To See In Your Coffee Creamer

For all you coffee purists out there who enjoy your coffee black, good for you for steering clear of the extra calories. But many people prefer a caffeine boost with a little something extra. Coffee creamer is both convenient and customizable, and just a dash of it is all it takes to relieve some of coffee's bitterness. But before you enjoy the first cream-enhanced velvety smooth sip, we need to warn you about what you may be drinking.

According to Prevention, most store-bought coffee creamers are not made from cream. This means your creamy-looking addition may be made from thickening agents like carrageenan. And while Healthline describes carrageenan as a natural substance made from red seaweed, it has also been linked to digestive problems such as bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, and glucose intolerance.

It is also common to fall head over heels for flavored coffee creamers. And we understand that too! A dash of thin mint or gingerbread-flavored creamer in your coffee is an enticingly sweet way to start the day without having to admit you binged on cookies for breakfast. But unfortunately, this sweet alternative may not save you too many calories in the long run. 

The more artificial flavors you consume, the more you'll crave them

A lot of flavored creamers are as fake as fake can be, exclaims Prevention. And if you start your day with a dose of artificial flavorings, you could lean more towards other processed food choices, too. This is because artificial flavorings are more enhanced than their natural peers.

The scary thing? Sometimes the creamer options that appear to be the healthiest are ones that have the most dangerous effects on our health. The Houston Chronicle claims that many non-dairy creamers are made with trans fats. You may not even know it as they could be hiding under the label as "partially hydrogenated oils." And if you are thinking it's ok because it is likely a very small amount, consider this: The Food and Drug Administration has revoked trans fats as being a safe ingredient, and the American Heart Association believes in consuming no more than two grams of trans fats per day for a heart healthy diet.

Did we just shake up your morning coffee routine with the news that your creamer may not even be made with cream? Or that it may contain artificial flavorings and other health damaging ingredients? Well, don't join the coffee purists quite yet! Just be sure to avoid harmful ingredients like corn syrup, sodium, sugar, vegetable oil, and carrageenan in your creamers, says Well + Good. And if you really want to make sure your creamer is made with clean ingredients, you can try making your own using one the of the many simple recipes found online.