The Real Reason You Should Wear Socks To Bed

Having cold feet isn't just a metaphor for lacking nerve. If your feet are cold at night, they actually can prevent you from falling asleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. One simple solution? Pull on a soft pair of socks. Heating cold feet causes a dilation of the blood vessels called vasodilation that may signal the brain that it's time to sleep.

Some research shows that the more vasodilation in the hands and feet, the faster you fall asleep. This might be the logic behind the idea of placing a hot water bottle at the foot of the bed to induce a good night's sleep. However, a hot water bottle, a heating blanket, or rice socks (heated pouches made by stuffing socks with rice and heating them in a microwave) are more variable in temperature, making them not as safe as just wearing socks to bed, Healthline notes.

Toasty toes overnight have additional health benefits, research shows. Some women say that wearing socks helps cool their core body temperature, preventing hot flashes. People with Raynaud's disease, where the fingers and toes can lose circulation and start to swell or throb, can prevent a flare-up during the night by wearing socks to keep their feet warm.

Avoid tight-fitting socks and opt for natural soft fibers

If you're prone to dry or cracked heels, wearing socks after you moisturize your feet can soften your skin overnight. Lastly, wearing socks might improve your sex life. The BBC reported on one research study that accidentally discovered the participants who wore socks increased their ability to achieve an orgasm by 30 percent.

If you're ready to add socks to your nightly routine, experts recommend opting for natural soft fibers such as merino wool or cashmere. Avoid tight-fitting socks, which might constrict your circulation, as well as compression socks, which are designed to move blood flow away from your feet.

If you feel too hot wearing socks under the covers, kick them off or leave your feet outside your covers. Still not sold on socks? Try layering an extra blanket at the foot of the bed to tuck your feet beneath, or wear cozy slippers before bedtime to warm your feet for sleep.