Is Olipop Actually Good For You?

Making the shift to a healthier lifestyle can be tough. For many individuals, the choice to eat a balanced, more health conscientious diet means eliminating, limiting, and substituting those favorite unhealthy food, snacks, and drinks. Shopping for health options can be tricky, too. Low fat, fat-free, zero sugar, and zero calories are all claims that attract those who are looking to improve their health through food and beverage. But some of these items aren't as healthy as they may appear (via New York Times). For example, trading your daily dessert of ice cream for frozen yogurt probably won't do much for the numbers on the scale or your waistline — especially if you aren't reducing portion size.

Many foods and drinks that are packaged and marketed as "healthier" are processed, which reduces the nutritional value. Often, these food or beverage items are packed with artificial preservatives to extend the shelf life (via Healthline). Fruit juices often contain added sugars, making them almost as unhealthy as traditional sodas (via Healthline). Diet sodas contain little to no calories per serving, making them a great alternative for those who love their carbonated beverages. However, those same low-calorie sodas are often loaded with unhealthy artificial sweeteners that can create other health concerns.

Another issue with healthier options comes from the flavor. Without added sugars and preservatives, many healthier options are just not tasty enough to compare to their toxic competitors. But has Olipop changed the rules for healthy sodas?

What is Olipop?

If you've not heard of Olipop soda, it's likely because the company has only been around since 2017 (according to their LinkedIn profile). Their beverages have been offered online, and only recently began to be available in major grocery and retail stores. In fact, according to BevNet, the company officially launched its release to sell nationally with major retailer Target in January of 2022. According to the official Olipop website, the beverages are now being offered at more than 4,500 stores nationwide. But what is it exactly that makes this bubbly flavored beverage different than other fizzy, flavored drinks? 

Olipop soda is the first beverage backed by dieticians as a healthier alternative to traditional sodas, according to Fit Healthy Momma. The carbonated beverage is made from all-natural ingredients, avoiding additives like high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors (via Olipop). The ingredients list includes things like chicory root and stevia leaf. Additionally, unlike other traditional sodas, Olipop sodas contain 9 grams of fiber per serving, while boasting a total sugar value as low as 2 to 3 grams per serving, depending on the flavor (via PopSugar Fitness). Olipop also offers variety, with eight flavors available for purchase on their website.

Is Olipop good for you?

But is this beneficial, bubbly, beverage good for you? While ideally your dietician and doctors would prefer you to hydrate with water, Olipop is a better alternative for you than traditional sodas. According to PopSugar Fitness, one twelve-ounce can of Coke contains as much as 39 grams of added sugars. For the average person, that's nearly double the recommended daily sugar intake (via Healthline). Diet beverages may offer zero-calorie or zero-sugar options. However, they also do not offer any health benefits and are linked to some not-so-pleasant side effects when consumed frequently (via Healthline).

Soda alternatives, like seltzer water, flavored sugar-free sparkling waters, or unsweetened teas can be a good alternative to traditional sodas. However, they often lack the flavor or feel that most soda lovers prefer. Olipop soda has the feel of traditional soda while being made with your digestive health in mind. It's a refreshing, soda-like beverage that's low in sugar and brings a bit of fiber to your daily diet. If you're a hardcore cola addict looking for a transitional beverage for a healthier lifestyle, Olipop may be a good alternative to add to your refrigerator.